Colonie BOA project map

The Town of Colonie Brownfield Opportunity Area (BOA) Program

The Town of Colonie Industrial Development Agency (IDA) intends to complete a Nomination Study in the Colonie Lincoln Avenue Brownfield Opportunity Area, a 370-acre industrial revitalization area characterized by six large sites. The primary objective of this project is to formulate strategies that build upon those found in the Town of Colonie Comprehensive Plan, the Capital Region Economic Development Council Strategic Plan, the Route 32 Linkage Study and other local and regional plans. The Town’s goal is simple; redevelopment of the industrial vacant and underutilized sites by analyzing the potential to attract exciting new high tech industries to one of the Town’s few remaining industrial zones.

The IDA hopes that the project will result in community and environmental benefits, including cleanup of contaminants that may enter tributary streams that flow to the Hudson River; creation of new high paying jobs resulting from high-tech and green infrastructure industries; the inclusion of recreational uses for Town residents; improved aesthetics in and around the project area; and the incorporation of some mixed-use development along main thoroughfares in the study area.

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