The Town of Colonie Planning and Economic Development Department (PEDD)

The intent and purpose of the Planning and Economic Development Department is to provide accurate, timely land use information, assist the general public in matters of planning and land use regulations, and serve as ombudsman for coordination of site related issues and topics.

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Colonie comprehensive plan map graphic

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The Town of Colonie Industrial Development Agency (IDA)

The Town of Colonie Industrial Development Agency (IDA) is a not-for-profit public benefit corporation of the State of New York. The IDA was formed by separate act of the New York State Legislature and offers program authorized under the NYS Public Authorities Law.

The Agency is in place to help private businesses improve the job opportunities, health, general prosperity, and overall economic welfare of the Town and its residents over the long term. Our immediate goal is to retain and promote employment by supporting projects that will have a positive impact on the Town's economy.

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The Town of Colonie Local Development Corporation (LDC)

The Colonie Local Development Corporation (LDC), in conjunction with the Town IDA and Department of Planning and Economic Development, supports Town economic development through the creation of new business and employment opportunities and the retention and expansion of current commercial enterprises. This will be achieved through the use of the LDC loan fund which will encourage economic investment in existing and developing business enterprises and technologies and through LDC bonding authority.

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The Town of Colonie Small Business Advisory Council (SBAC)

The Small Business Advisory Council (SBAC) is an independent, nonpartisan, voluntary group of current and former small business owners and residents of the Town of Colonie.  We strive to further the shared interests of the diverse small businesses in the Town by providing a strong, organized voice with Town government on polices, processes and services effecting small business.
Our goal is to foster a customer-centered, business-friendly environment in the Town of Colonie through well-informed, organized advocacy on behalf of small business.  We seek to promote effective communication and sharing of ideas between Town government and the small business community to ensure that the needs and concerns of each are duly addressed.

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